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Why Join Women of UVU

Author: Lindsay Haslam At Utah Valley University, the Women’s Success Center provides support, leadership, coaching, and advocacy for students. The services of the center are available to all students on campus and to community members who need extra support as they experience a life transition or are transitioning back to school. Fortunately, there is anotherContinue reading “Why Join Women of UVU”

Why is Voting Important?

Author: Lindsay Haslam No matter what the year, it seems as though voting season sneaks up behind us and demands our attention. Oddly enough, the turn out in most communities for submitting ballots is under 50%. There isn’t one specific reason that supports why people decide not to cast their vote, but we can assumeContinue reading “Why is Voting Important?”

Female-Dominated Industries

Author: Lindsay Haslam Have you ever wondered which industries women take the biggest lead in? Some of these industries may surprise you!  Non-profit There are significant issues both locally and globally that need to be addressed. Many of these issues are related to a lack of access to education, shortages in health care services, andContinue reading “Female-Dominated Industries”

Emergency Services at UVU

Written by Lexi Jackson Resources that are available to students and faculty in case of an emergency Things are hard right now. With the pandemic, natural disasters, job loss, and overall stress, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Luckily, UVU has provided many services to help take care of their students and faculty.Continue reading “Emergency Services at UVU”

Mental Illness in Utah

Written by Lexi Jackson  Facts surrounding mental illness, and options available to students struggling with mental illnesses Mental Health Is A State Of Well-Being In Which You Can Realize Your Abilities And Talents, Cope With The Normal Stresses Of Life, Work Productively And Make A Contribution To Your Community. Maintaining Your Mental Health Along WithContinue reading “Mental Illness in Utah”

How to Stay Socially Connected while Socially Distanced

Written by Lexi Jackson Ideas of how to stay social while being asked to stay home and physically distanced from others This year is unprecedented and we have all been asked to make changes to our daily routines. One of these changes includes socially distancing ourselves from others, in order to limit exposure to theContinue reading “How to Stay Socially Connected while Socially Distanced”


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